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Theme Selection

Themes are an important part of your website. How your website looks is key to making a good first impression for visitors. For my website, I want a theme that is clean and customizable. Astra ended up being the theme I used, and I will explain in this post how I decided on that theme.

Why I use Astra

Before I settled on Astra as my site’s theme, I previously used a theme called Inspiro. This theme looked beautiful, however, I encountered a problem as I was working on my home page. Inspiro didn’t come with a basic template, which meant that I had to construct everything aside from the header. This proved to be inconvenient for me because I wanted to set up my home page quickly. In my other post, New Plugins, I wrote about a plugin called Starter Templates. This plugin uses Astra as the main theme for all of its templates. Because of how fast it was to create webpages, I installed this plugin and, by extension, the Astra theme. If you look at the available templates this plugin has to offer, you will realize that all of the templates are derived from the Astra theme. That’s just how flexible this theme really is. The base theme itself isn’t that impressive, but the fact that it can be configured and customized into many styles is why I use Astra as my website’s theme.


With Astra serving as the base theme, the Starter Templates plugin has a variety of templates for different uses. I chose the Mountain template, which matches my need for a travel-themed website. After importing the template, I made changes to the site such as changing the images, background image, font, and colors to reflect Randmarks as a travel retailer.

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